The story:

Transfusions is a love story between Dylan, a media student, and a young, arrogant vampire called Joa. Their relationship develops from threats and bickering into a gentle but passionate romance. The story has two parts. The first part, Book 1, focuses on Joa and Dylan’s relationship. Book 2 has more vampire action.

I started Transfusions in 2010 when I was still very young and I hadn’t thought through many of the things that are and happen in the comic. For example in the beginning I didn’t give a specific setting for the comic and many characters have very international names for I thought it would make it more approachable. Many things have been left unexplained and I’ve tried to answer questions that the readers have on my tumblr. Later I’ve made it somewhat public that Transfusions takes place in a city called Rovaniemi, in the Norhtern Finland.

One of the main goals for Transfusions soon became depicting a healthy relationship in a BL comic and breaking some tropes that drama/romance stories have. The beginning is a bit sketchy but later on I wanted to make a good romance story with consent and communication without unnecessary drama. Unfortunately for a very long time my life was very white and cisnormative among many other things. I wasn’t aware of this until I was older. My goal for Book 2 is to make the comic more inclusive.

The Author:

Hi everyone! I'm Anni K. from Tampere, Finland.
I was born and raised in Northern Finland. I studied graphic design
in the university of Lapland, and after graduating with a MA degree in
2014 I moved to Tampere. I have another webcomic called The Witch Door.
It’s a story of two neighbors and the more or less magical places they
travel to through a witch door. If you like adventures and our world
spiced with some magic, go give it a try.