Posted July 29, 2020 at 15:10

Happy Anniversary!!!

Aaahh gosh wow! 10 years is a lot :'''D
Thank you so much for reading this comic, whether you've been reading since 2010 or just started last night. If you've been lurking on Smackjeeves or chatting in my livestreams or asking questions on tumblr. I appreciate you all so very much! <3

And thank you for all the entries in the giveaway. It made me so happy to read everyone's favorite moments from the comic. To be very honest with you all, I've had moments every now and then, when I feel kinda lost with it, but reading your comments always makes me remeber why I do this, why it matter. You are the reason why I stil draw this comic after 10 years. Thank you <33

I wish I had the resources to send prints and stickers to everyone who entered the giveaway. There were such lovely comments (I absolutely read them all) and some familiar faces (or avatars and nicknames) from these past years that I loved to see again. But I did let the do it's thing, and the giveaway winners are: Chriss Cox, Timm, Jess H., Leni Jimenez, Asuri, Jess P, xXRUBYCATZXx, Kekuana, Scribbles and shrimp. Congratulations! I've replied to the winners. (EDIT: Seems like my replies haven't gone through because disqus thinks they're spam but hopefully they'll get through soon! OTL)

I'll see if I can put up a temporary online store for some merch when the foil prints get here, I did order some extras. I'll let you know if/when that happens.

Thank you! <3 See you on Sunday! ;)