Posted April 28, 2019 at 20:59

Hello hello everyone! I have another guest art for you this week by Isabel Jaimes:

Hi guys! Isabel here. Transfusions is one of  the few comics whose updates I follow religiously, and probably the  only romance webcomic I follow (I am a big fan of fantasy and sci fi  otherwise). Out of the many romance comics I’ve  read, this one managed to get my attention because of how well it  conveys a healthy relationship that wasn’t rushed at the beginning like  many comics I’ve read before. (Nothing wrong with those though, just not  my cup of tea. And when Joa realized his feelings,  I admit I wanted him to act on them ASAP, though I agree he did the  right thing and gave Dylan the space he needed to realize his own  feelings.)

So I’m ecstatic to present my fan art for it!  I hope Joa and Dylan work out their latest issue so we can back to more  adorable sappy romantic goodness!

I currently have a webcomic on hiatus, so  I’ve nothing to plug myself (hopefully I’ll pull it back soon!) In the  meantime, you may find me on Twitter as @trtfcomic , or on Instagram as  @summerdamsel_art .

Thank you so much for the cute art Isabel! <3
Chapter 2 will start next Sunday!